BNN: Genetically Modified Food in Focus

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Bayer ordered to pay $2M for illegal GMO rice

By Rady Ananda

A United States federal jury ruled this month that Bayer CropScience must pay $2 million to two Missouri farmers for contaminating their rice crops with illegal GMO rice. Farmers Ken Bell and Johnny Hunter, the first in a series of 1200 such litigants, lost sales overseas as a result.

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Battle against GMOs is socio-economic too

Most people have heard about how GMOs can affect their health, cause cancer, reproductive disorders, diabetes and the likes. This is true, but the adverse consequences of GMOs are actually even more frightening. Take the example of a bacteria-modified plant. The plant is injected with bacteria to make it more robust, but because of this, the plant actually thinks it is a bacteria and spreads toxins in the area around it, killing other plants and organisms like earthworms.

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Chopra speaks out in Chandigarh against the release of Bt Brinjal

CHANDIGARH: “Release of Bt Brinjal would be the beginning of the end of Indian agriculture.” This voice against genetically-modified food got louder on Sunday with acclaimed scientist Shiv Chopra, who fought against bovine growth hormone in Canada and got it banned, supported the cause of rejecting “the poisoned food.”

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