Conférence pour la Liberté de Choix en Santé

Here are links to the talks given at the Conférence pour la Liberté de Choix en Santé.
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Excerpt from lecture in Gujarat

We should keep away hormones, antibiotics, slaughterhouse waste and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Pesticides should not be allowed to enter any food.” This was stated by Shiv Chopra, fellow of World Health Organization and author of the book Corrupt to the Core’. Chopra was in city to deliver Kamalnayan Bajaj Memorial Lecture on Globalization, Food Security, Public health and Prosperity’ at Peace Research Centre in Gujarat Vidyapith.

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Total Health Show 2009

India needs to change policies to stop invasion of GM products: Hindustan Times

India needs changes in existing policies and a political will to stop the invasion of genetically modified (GM) products, said Fellow from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Canada in Ahmedabad on Tuesday.

Dr Shiv Chopra, former scientific advisor to the Candian Ministry of Health said that the option of not to utilize GM products cannot be left solely with the farmers, with multi national companies knocking at their doors with lucrative profit-making offers.

“There has to be critical introspection of the safety of using GM products. Particularly, it needs change in the present policies, legislations and its enforcement,” Chopra said while delivering the 23rd Kamalnayan Bajaj Memorial Lecture at the Gujarat Vidhyapeeth in Ahmedabad.

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