Bayer ordered to pay $2M for illegal GMO rice

Written by anil on January 27th, 2010

By Rady Ananda

A United States federal jury ruled this month that Bayer CropScience must pay $2 million to two Missouri farmers for contaminating their rice crops with illegal GMO rice. Farmers Ken Bell and Johnny Hunter, the first in a series of 1200 such litigants, lost sales overseas as a result.

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Battle against GMOs is socio-economic too

Written by anil on January 27th, 2010

Most people have heard about how GMOs can affect their health, cause cancer, reproductive disorders, diabetes and the likes. This is true, but the adverse consequences of GMOs are actually even more frightening. Take the example of a bacteria-modified plant. The plant is injected with bacteria to make it more robust, but because of this, the plant actually thinks it is a bacteria and spreads toxins in the area around it, killing other plants and organisms like earthworms.

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Chopra speaks out in Chandigarh against the release of Bt Brinjal

Written by anil on January 25th, 2010

CHANDIGARH: “Release of Bt Brinjal would be the beginning of the end of Indian agriculture.” This voice against genetically-modified food got louder on Sunday with acclaimed scientist Shiv Chopra, who fought against bovine growth hormone in Canada and got it banned, supported the cause of rejecting “the poisoned food.”

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The 5 Pillars of Food Safety

Written by anil on January 25th, 2010

The USA is presently the richest and scientifically the most advanced country in the world.  Its people spend proportionately the least amount of their incomes on food supply.  On the other hand, the incidence of food-borne disease (FBD) in this country is the highest anywhere on the earth.  The closest example of another country in this regard is Canada.


The source of FBD during approximately the last 50 years is reported to originate from indiscriminate application of the following five substances in food production: hormones, antibiotics, slaughterhouse wastes, Genetically Modified Organisms and pesticides.  The types of FBD that these substances induce include cancer, antibiotic-resistant infections, neurological conditions, including BSE/CJD, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and immune, reproductive and other disorders.


None of the five substances is proved to be safe as required under the Food and Drugs Act of either U.S. or Canada. However, the first three of these products, i.e. hormones, antibiotics and slaughterhouse wastes, are unequivocally banned to be utilized in food production throughout the European Union countries.  Consequently, U.S. and Canadian beef is not allowed to be imported into EU countries.  However, the U.S. and Canadian regulatory authorities argue that the incriminating substances pose no risk to human health.  Therefore, the issue is being contested before the World Trade Organization for approximately the last two decades.


Meanwhile, all five of these products continue to be marketed contrary to the Food and Drug Act of both U.S. and Canada.  It is time to revise these policies and thereby protect public health and safety. In doing so, one would invoke what I refer to as the Five Pillars of Food Safety.


Barry Shainbaum interviews Dr. Shiv Chopra

Written by anil on December 3rd, 2009

Barry Shainbaum interviews Dr. Shiv Chopra, author of “Corrupt to the Core: Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower,” about the H1N1 hype, food safety and Bill C-6. (November 22, 2009)
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Conférence pour la Liberté de Choix en Santé

Written by anil on November 3rd, 2009

Here are links to the talks given at the Conférence pour la Liberté de Choix en Santé.
Watch Part 1
Watch Part 2


Excerpt from lecture in Gujarat

Written by anil on November 3rd, 2009

We should keep away hormones, antibiotics, slaughterhouse waste and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Pesticides should not be allowed to enter any food.” This was stated by Shiv Chopra, fellow of World Health Organization and author of the book Corrupt to the Core’. Chopra was in city to deliver Kamalnayan Bajaj Memorial Lecture on Globalization, Food Security, Public health and Prosperity’ at Peace Research Centre in Gujarat Vidyapith.

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Total Health Show 2009

Written by anil on November 3rd, 2009


H1N1 Vaccine Warning: In their own words!

Written by anil on October 27th, 2009

The link at the bottom of this post is to the official leaflet for their H1N1 Vaccine that is available in Canada.
This is public information but I doubt many read it.  Please take the time to do so and encourage others as well.

Note that the manufacturer takes no legal responsibility should any adverse reaction happen to you or your dear ones taking this vaccine. Furthermore, because Health Canada approved the sale of this vaccine, under presumed occurrence of H1N1 ”pandemic”, the government is also not responsible. Also, because everything is declared on the label the expectation is that only you and your dear ones should be resposnsible for the decision to receive it.

Pay very close attention to pages 22 and 23.  Read both the ingredients and the risks.


Vaccines and the Basics of Biology

Written by anil on October 26th, 2009

Anyone knowing the basics of biology should know:
1. That all vaccines by their very nature are antigens and that every antigen by defintion must be a foreign protein or a substance attached to one’s own or some other foreign protein;

2. That no foreign protein can be absorbed into the blood stream unless it is digested in the alimentary canal into its basic amino acids;

3. That it is these amino acids which after being absorbed into the blood stream are reconstituted into one’s own proteins and it is these proteins which distinguishes every being of existence into self and non-self.

4. That any interference or tampering with these laws of existence can bring calamity to the being in which it occurs such as by causing auto-immune conditions like autism, etc.
This is precisely what may be occurring due to vaccine injections in people. Surprisingly, I am presently the only scientist who is reminding about this phenomenon of existence. If I am wrong I would like to be corrected by those claiming to possess better knowledge of same.

The foreign proteins in vaccines originate from not only the infectious organisms against which one wishes to produce infection-fighting antibodies but also the artificial media in which these organisms are grown. Contained in such media may include one or more of the following materials: bovine serum, horse serum, chicken egg, monkey kidney, insect cells and even human fetal cells.

Apart from the foreign proteins, vaccines may also contain other harmful substances, including mercury, aluminum, formalin, oily adjuvants, etc., plus untold number of stray viruses with the potential to cause cancer, HIV, serum-hepatitis, and so on.

Meanwhile, evidence indicates that except for smallpox, no other infectious disease, e.g.: tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid, anthrax, measles, mumps, rubella, DPT, polio, influenza and others,has been eradicated and that this continues to be so despite the decades of vaccinations against each of these diseases. Also, during the same period, the incidence of many previously uncommon diseases, such as autism, diabetes, allergies, andcancer, has been increasing in pandemic proportions.

I feel that it is time to demand a moratorium on, at least, the compulsory vaccinations for children, health care professionals and military personnel until such time that these issues are reviewed and discussed in an open and transparent manner with the due involvement of the public.

Please sign the online petition by visiting the following link:
Shiv Chopra