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You are what you eat! Your input determines your output! As much as you focus on diet and nutrition, you need to check on the food handling in totality.

About Us

We look at the scientific discipline in food handling and preparation. We give you the dos and don’t about food safety based on scientific research. We demystify all the theories related to both organic and inorganic foods.

Organic Food

Organic foods from the source mean they come straight from the farms.

Diet and Nutrition

When we talk of physical health, we look at your diet and nutrition

Physical Health

Clean and safe food for the well being of your overall physical health.

Pillars of Food Safety

The five principles of food safety are all geared towards the same goal- ensuring all foods consumed are free from germs, dirt, and disease-causing organisms. The five-pillar in the sequence of operation include:

Clean and sanitize

The fresh foods you get at the store have been cleaned and sanitized. You need to practice high standards of sanitation to ensure you get rid of any germs from the farm.

Personal hygiene

Did you know why food handlers must have a certificate? Public health officials know that food handlers are the main source of contamination. Your level of hygiene should be high-end to prevent any form of food contamination.

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